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Trailpark Žehra- we helped in building mountain biking


We built a mega bike trail in less than a month

The year 2021 is just around the corner, and with it comes the idea of building a network of cycling trails in the forests east of Žehra. This part of the Spiš region is mainly known for its historical monuments, namely the Church of the Holy Spirit in Žehra and the world-famous Spiš Castle. Both of these historical landmarks are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In order to enhance the mountain biking experience, we knew we needed a place that was within easy reach of these landmarks, while still offering the enjoyment of nature. After all, there’s nothing better for mountain biking than a forest that offers tranquillity and perfect views from all sides. The perfect place for this project was Goat Mountain, east of the village of Žehra. It was the right place in terms of location, altitude and subsoil, which is perfect for the creation of trails. Get to know the surroundings of the historic Spiš region and at the same time experience a real adrenaline rush in Trailpark Žehra. As you make your first turns and jumps between the massive trees, you will see the first trails being created!

With the financial support of Košice region, Žehra town hall, Drevovýroba Kočiš and other partners, we are successfully building the first FLOW trail in Spiš in 2022. The name HRADNÝ FLOW was given after the landmark that is nearby. However, we are still at the beginning, but we will not stop building trails so soon. In 2023 we founded a civil association called Trailpark Žehra o.z. with the aim of developing other attractions that will help the development of forest infrastructure, sports, tourism, nature conservation and culture in Spiš. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way with this project. Learn more at www.trailpark-zehra.sk.

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