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Faultless window fitting saves energy .

A good window can help a lot with energy saving. We know our stuff and offer windows with advanced technology, but also with optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Thermal insulation is very important and depends on the thickness of the window frame, the tightness and the glazing. The U-value is a parameter of the insulating properties of a window. The lower the U-value, the better the insulating properties of the window. 

Noise from outside is unpleasant and, at a certain intensity and duration, can have a negative effect on human health. Again, the thickness of the frame, the tightness of the seal and the type of glazing should be taken into account. The sound insulation of windows is measured in decibels – dB. The higher the dB value, the better the insulating properties of the window. 

Professional installation is a guarantee of quality.

Professional installation of windows and doors is a prerequisite for their long-term, but trouble-free use. Therefore, installation should only be carried out by trained personnel. 

Installation includes in particular, fitting into prepared openings, anchoring, clamping and centring. 

We recommend that our products are installed using sealing tapes on both sides in accordance with STN 73 3134 for window installation, which ensures compliance with the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Act and the current STN 73 0540 Thermal properties of structures and buildings. 

Wooden windows require more protection during masonry and painting works. The owner of such windows must take care to protect them from contamination by cement, mortar, lime, etc., which can chip the window surface. We therefore recommend protecting the windows with TESA 4438 masking tape (blue or pink/white). 

Quality materials for flawless installation of windows and doors.

The Illmod Trio ultra high performance window sealing tape is designed for fast, high quality and precise installation of windows and balcony doors. The sealed joint is watertight, airtight and provides excellent thermal insulation. Suitable for internal and external use. Application temperature unlimited.

The latest innovative window sealing film TwinAktiv VV is suitable for sealing both interior and exterior parts of the detail. The film changes its water vapour permeability according to the changing humidity of the environment. In addition, it is coated with a strong adhesive, which is applied almost on the entire reverse side.

We use the highest quality products for the installation of our windows and doors. Tremco illbruck is an excellent choice for proper installation.