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Casement wooden windows.

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Casement wooden windows

In old houses we have the opportunity to see classic castellated windows, which, with their elegance and refinement bear the marks of the handmade work of the old carpenters.

Our castlellated windows are the jewels of historic buildings, giving them a touch of history. Their beauty has made them an essential part of Renaissance buildings and today they form a golden treasute of Slovak architecture.

Faithful replicas of historic castlellated windows

The symbiosis of historical experience and the latest knowledge in the field allows us to produce timber castle windows with parameters comparable to those of Eurowindows. In cases where the requirements of the contracting authorities in the reconstruction of heritage buildings go beyond the standard offer, we create completely faithful replicas of historical castle windows.

A very wide range of castle window profiles, ornamental transoms, ornamental flaps, carvings of ornamental feet, headers, as well as historic window fittings, handles and hinges allow us to meet the demands of architects, as well as conservation authorities, who are scrupulous about the purity of the lines of historic buildings.


We will manufacture your spandrel windows identical to the original windows.



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