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Together we plant forests in our neighbourhood


So that future generations live in a healthy world

As a manufacturer of wooden windows and doors in our region, we are in direct contact with different wood species every day. Whether it is spruce, beech, oak or other foreign woods according to the wishes of our clients. This irreplaceable raw material has been a part of our lives for decades. Unfortunately, we are also aware of the change in climatic conditions that lead to drying up of water sources, more frequent extreme weather fluctuations and other unwanted phenomena. Forests have a direct impact on the water regime of the landscape, through evaporation, precipitation and runoff. The forest cleans the air, reduces noise, produces oxygen and biologically active substances, called phytoncides, which are beneficial to humans.

In this time, we have decided to help our forests from our own resources. In the month of May we organised a team building event that was not held in the office. It wasn’t a private party or a retreat. The guys picked up their pickaxes and planted over 3,050 young trees in the forests east of Žehra.

We decided to plant commercial trees of various species to make the forest resistant to weather and pests. Summer oak, Scots pine and Norway spruce found their place there. For every product purchase in our company, we planted one tree. This way, we also want to help ensure that future generations will have beautiful and healthy forests at their fingertips. We firmly believe that in the next century these trees will adorn the forests, produce healthy and clean air, retain water resources, but most importantly improve the climate.

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