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Wooden Eurowindows.

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Wooden Eurowindows

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Wooden Eurowindows

Wooden windows are the most important element of the façade. They determine the style, format, aesthetic impression and value of the façade. 

In addition to aesthetics, wooden windows also ensure proper daylighting and room ventilation. Thanks to the machinery and experience of our staff, we are able to manufacture a wide range of shapes of wooden Eurowindows, including handles, caps, fittings, sash and frame jambs, double leaf seals and coloured silicone sealants. 

We offer anodised aluminium external sills and timber internal sills in colours to match the windows. 

Wooden Eurowindows are suitable for a house, flat, cottage or apartment. 

Discover our combinations of models and finishes designed to bring light, harmony and protection to any living space. 


Wood that soothes my heart and muffles the noise.

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