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About us


A rich woodworking tradition.

The history of the company Drevovýroba Kočiš dates back to 1996. From the hands of craftsmen from Spiš came the first wooden Eurowindows at a time when few people in Slovakia had heard of this type of windows. Highquality solid wood doors and many other wooden products that met the needs of the market at that time became products of guaranteed quality, which persists to this day. By gradually expanding its premises and acquiring technological equipment from its own resources, the company became one of the largest manufacturers of Eurowindows and doors in Slovakia in 2010.

From the very beginning until today, the company has been undergoing many innovative changes, mainly in the production processes. The modernisation of the technological equipment and the expansion of the premises have broadened the product portfolio. Maximum emphasis is always placed on the quality of the final products and on satisfying the most demanding requirements of the clients. The selection, training and motivation of employees is key to maintaining good practices in the production process and the use of modern procedures and innovations. 

Throughout the era of the production of the first windows and doors to the present day, the products of Drevovýroba Kočiš have satisfied thousands of clients throughout Europe. The guarantee of quality and tradition remains to this day and will continue to do so. 

Precise carpenters from Žehra

There is no doubt about the quality of windows made by skilled carpenters from Žehra. This is also proven by foreign interest. When the first manufacturer of Eurowindows and doors appeared in the region in the 1990s, the purchase of windows and the installations themselves appealed not only to domestic entrepreneurs, but also to foreign ones.

Nothing has changed in our honest work in more than a quarter of a century. On the contrary. The sophisticated production process, modern woodworking technology and the experience of our employees have determined the quality on the Slovak market.

1996 - 1999
1996 - 2003
2003 - 2006

Every piece produced passes through our hands.

Our time-tested approach to the client can turn a difficult selection and purchase of windows/doors into an enjoyable experience. See for yourself.

What do we offer?