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Perfection built into one frame.

Insect protection, quality shading technology, fall protection and many other benefits.

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PERFECT window system.

In cooperation with an Austrian supplier, we have developed a window that combines the best features in one frame.

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Insects don’t stand a chance.

Zero chance of intruding insects entering your interior. High-quality insect control systems with a configuration to suit you, built right into the frame.

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ELEMENTS Tatranská Lomnica.

We satisfy the requirements of clients who are building their first house, but also those who are taking modern architecture to a whole new level.

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Foreign implementations throughout the EU.

From modern buildings to the preservation of the historical records of the past. Our windows are the jewels of buildings across Europe.

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Professional installation.

From the installation of windows and doors on small houses to large building complexes. We can do it all and your satisfaction is our main goal.

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Our products

PERFECT window system

Wood-aluminium windows

Wooden Eurowindows

Rustic wooden windows

Casement wooden windows

Interior doors

Sliding walls (HS postal)

Exterior doors

More than 115 853 windows and doors produced
More than 8 410 satisfied customers
More than 38 cubic metres of wood used this month

Our trade in hand finds gold in every land

At Drevovýroba Kočiš we are fascinated by wood and since founding the company in 1996, we have experienced a high level of satisfaction from our clients.

We are a reliable partner in the selection of our products and we care about friendly relationships, and quality work with respect for the environment.

We are constantly expanding our portfolio of wood products, innovating our technological equipment and improving the skills we have gained on all projects that move us forward. With our wood products we have also managed to attract attention abroad. We take pride in successful projects in several countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia, Norway, etc.

The craftsmanship of our skilled employees combined with modern technological equipment makes us one of the leading manufacturers of wooden windows and doors in Slovakia.

Treat yourself to quality windows or doors that are a guarantee of tradition and quality.

About us

Woodworking that stands out

Functional, aesthetic and practical. Such is the wood that ranks as a luxury material. It is sought after not only by professional craftsmen, but also by designers and do-it-yourselfers.

The finest furniture is made from solid wood, and the same goes for windows and doors, which are the perfect choice. They bring a modern yet aesthetic look that suits any building.